Tomorrow I am hosting a live interview with Ugmonk’s, Jeff Sheldon to talk about [running a small business + doing creative work](

Here are a rundown of what we’ll cover:

⚡️ **Creating new products:** How to stay inspired & relevant while also leading a team. (The challenges of RUNNING a small business.)

⚡️ **Content strategy:** doing email newsletters & social media (the challenges of GROWING a small-business and an audience).

⚡️ **Analog Productivity:** The why and how behind [Analog]( and Jeff’s personal approach to productivity and systems.

⚡️ **Live Q&A:** Your chance to ask any questions live (or submit them ahead of time and catch the answers during the replay).

More details, and how to join us, all [here](

Live with Ugmonk: Creativity and Business with Jeff Sheldon