This Business Goes to Eleven

Something fun happened earlier this week: Monday was the 11-year anniversary of when I quit my job and began blogging for a living!

On Monday, I walked into the office and proudly exclaimed that *this business [goes to 11](!* I’ve been waiting a decade to tell that joke, yet all I got were blank stares from my team. (They were, of course, promptly fired.)

For any of you long-time readers, you may remember how I used to support my work through a $3 / month subscription to get access to the private “Shawn Today” podcast. Wow. Those were the days…

Over the past 11 years, so much has changed! It’s no longer just me, sitting down at my desk to write and publish for my blog. There is a team of us now, and I absolutely love getting to work with them!

We celebrated on Monday with a dozen Crumbl Cookies (if you know, you know) as we spent the day ideating, brainstorming, and organizing a lot of new initiatives around our 4-Focus Method and the next big update to [Focus Academy]( and beyond.

This Business Goes to Eleven