Music for Working From Home

Good music is instrumental (ha!) for me to do focused work. *Especially* when I am working at home with kids in the house.

I almost always have a single, go-to album that I put on when it is time to work. This helps quite a bit as part of my routine for getting into the zone.

It can be difficult to transition from feeling *at home* to feeling *at work.* But, by having the same playlist or album that I put on when it is time to work, then that music becomes pavlovian — it tells my brain “now it’s time to work”.

And, over time, as I become used to the music, it turns into background noise that is so familiar it is not distracting at all.

Another reason I like having one specific album that is my go-to for background music is that it removes the decision of *what do I want to listen to right now*?

The less choices I can make before starting my work day the better. I prefer to save as much of that mental energy as I can for actually doing the work.

Anyway! Enough chit-chat…

Here are a few fantastic albums and playlists for helping drown out the background noise so you can do some work. Enjoy!

* *[Imagine Gold](*, by Frameworks is my current favorite. His other albums, *[Tides](* and *[Kings](* have all been on repeat pretty much ever since I discovered them a few months ago.

* The [Pure Focus playlist]( in Apple Music is excellent. It is updated regularly, and I often find new artists there.

* *[The Monument Valley Soundtrack](* has long been my go-to. I have listened to this album well over 1,000 times. Possibly a few thousand times.

* For additional good jams for deep, focused work. Check out [this roundup]( over on The Focus Course blog.

And, of course, for when you are *done* with work and it’s time to wind down for the day, may I recommend the [BEATsrumental]( playlist? I love to turn this one up while making dinner.

Music for Working From Home