This week’s episode of The Weekly Briefly is longer than normal because it’s jam packed with stories and advice from the past four years of making a living online.

I share ins and outs, fears and motivations, challenges and victories. Highlights include:

* Why I quit my job to write for a living.
* The launch of my [members-only podcast]( and how I thought it was so audacious to charge $3/month.
* The shift I see related to advertising as a significant revenue stream.
* Building and launching *[Delight is in the Details](* versions 1 and 2 — including what I learned about how an idea needs to mature and grow, how my idealistic approach to marketing isn’t practical, and how I felt like a fraud when I wanted to charge $29 for the complete bundle.
* And my latest project, [The Focus Course](, and the challenges and fears I’m facing with it right now.

On Fear, Perseverance, and Meaningful Work: 4 Years Making a Living Online