All The Lists That Are Fit To List

It’s the end of the year and we’re all encountering more lists than we can count. We’re looking back and aggregating then distilling the best ____ of 2013. Videos, articles, apps, magazine covers, you name it. Well, here is my list of the best lists.

* [YouTube’s top Trending Videos of 2013]( Fact: the fewer of these you recognize, the more productive you were in 2013.

* [Pocket’s list of most-shared/saved articles]( How many of these saved articles were actually *read*? (Asking for a friend.)

* [Federico Viticci’s Must-Have Apps]( 115 apps listed across three articles, with a total cost of $438.38 to outfit your iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

* [Kottke’s list of best photo lists]( [This picture]( has popped up in more than one of the lists of the year’s best photos.

* [Time’s list of 10 best movies]( I’ve only seen a few of these, but I concur that *Gravity* (in IMAX 3D) was the best film of the year. And the BBC answers your nagging question of [how long the runway is]( at the end of *Furious 6*.

* [The Verge’s favorite 50 people of 2013]( Their list of who they consider to be this year’s dreamers, informers, noisemakers, entertainers, world changers, old guard, and the next wave.

* [Tools and Toys Favorite things]( One of the only lists where you’ll find a USB bike lamp, an iPad text editor, and a badger hair shaving brush together.

* [The Macworld Eddys]( Some great apps here, well-deserving of the Eddy.

* [Best movie posters of 2013]( A lot of these are great designs, and curiously (or perhaps not so much), almost none of them are for movies of Holywood blockbusters.

* [The Sweet Setup’s favorite games]( Some of these games aren’t from 2013, but who’s counting?

* My [iPad]( and [iPhone]( app playlists: Somewhere between a comprehensive list of all my “must have” apps, and a concise list of what’s on my Home screens.

* [Kottke’s List of the Best book cover lists of 2013]( Yes, another Kottke list of lists, but a list of list is decidedly meta, and what’s more meta than listing a list of lists in a list of lists?

* [*Time’s* Year in Pictures]( So many magnificent, sober, and fun images from events around the world.

All The Lists That Are Fit To List