Some OmniFocus Linkage

The Internet has been bubbling up with all sorts of OmniFocus-related nerdery lately. I realized that one reason to favor OmniFocus over other to-do apps is that a lot of my super-smart friends use it, and they’re always finding or building clever tricks to decrease friction.

Here are a few recent things worth sharing. Listed in order of Nerd Score.

– **[OopsieFocus](** A script that launches OmniFocus if you’ve hit keyboard shortcut for the quick-entry pane but realize that OmniFocus isn’t actually running. *Nerd Score: 2/10*

– **Send the frontmost Safari tabs to OmniFocus:** [Direct to the inbox with Growl support](; or [via the Quick Entry pane]( *Nerd Score: 3/10*

– **[A Keyboard Maestro Macro for linking nvALT notes into an OmniFocus action item:](** Just what it says on the tin. Very helpful if you keep a lot of reference material, ideas, or whathaveyou in nvALT. *Nerd Score: 4/10*

– **[SimplicityBliss on OmniFocus:](** Sven Fechner’s collection of posts, tips, and tricks on OmniFocus. *Nerd Score: 6/10*

– **[A Chair About Running:](** A Glassboard board for people to share about productivity tips and stories. *Nerd Score: 6/10*

– **[Send Favorited tweets to your OmniFocus Inbox:](** Federico Viticci’s fine use of IFTTT, Dropbox, Hazel, AppleScript, and shell commands. *Nerd Score: 9/10*

– **[Create OmniFocus tasks with AppleScript](** How David Sparks uses Hazel and AppleScript to automate the creating of a task in OmniFocus related to documents and bills he scans into his computer. *Nerd Score: 9/10*

Some OmniFocus Linkage