August Recap

In the tech industry August is usually a slow month. This year we saw a slew of new product launches as well as some historically significant industry news.

Here is a look at some of the highlights and notable moments of the month.

August 1: [iCloud Web Beta](

August 1: [Apple TV software update 4.3]( adds support for accessing previously purchased TV shows.

August 1: Adobe launches [Adobe Edge](

August 2: [Push Pop Press acquired by Facebook.](

August 8: [Apple briefly passes Exxon Mobile]( as the most valuable company in the world.

August 10: Amazon’s [Kindle Cloud Reader](

August 11:[The Last Rocket](

August 14: [Elements 2.0](

August 14: Adobe launches [Muse.](

August 15: [Google buys Motorola](

August 17: [AT&T announces new text-messaging plans](

August 18: [HP acquires Autonomy, decides to spin off its PC business, and ceases support of webOS devices](

August 19: [HP TouchPads go on sale for $99](, nerds everywhere gobble them up.

August 22: [Glassboard](

August 24: Steve Jobs [resigns]( as Apple CEO, becomes Chairman of the Board, and is [succeeded by Tim Cook](

August 30: [HP announces they will make a few more TouchPads]( to fulfill the final unmet demand. Seriously?

August 31: [The U.S. Government sues to block AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile](

August 31: And just before the buzzer, someone, once again, seems to have [lost an iPhone 5 prototype at a bar](

August Recap