Similar to Daniel’s [Toggle Twitter]( AppleScript that would activate or hide your Twitter Client of Choice, Jesse Gardner’s Toggle Audio script will switch between the various audio output options you may have.

I have two audio output devices: my Internal Speakers and my [Yeti Stereo Microphone]( I plug my headphones into the Yeti when I’m recording a podcast or talking on Skype, but if I’m listening to music then I’ve just got the Internal Speakers playing. And now, using [FastScripts]( to set a hotkey (CMD+OPT+A), Jesse’s script automates the switching process for me. Lovely.

([Via Chris Bowler](

**Update:** Many people are mentioning another shortcut to toggle the audio output: holding the Option key and click on the volume icon in the Menu Bar. I did not know about this shortcut; very cool. However, I’m sticking to the AppleScript because I prefer the least amount of icons in my Menubar as possible.

AppleScript to Toggle Your Mac’s Sound Output